In this session, you will be guided through the initial setup and configuration of new Clients and Web Presences within the gShift Platform. Key concepts related to the keywords, content, competition and the importance of establishing a focus around each are discussed.


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You will review and learn about:

  • Enterprise/Agency level configurations
  • Keyword usage breakdown – Keywords x Search Engines
  • Adding and configuring a Client
  • Client keyword allotments (if applicable, for large enterprises)
  • Adding and configuring a Web Presence
  • Web Presence Overview Dashboard Initial Review
  • Following keywords:
    • Adding Search Engines
    • Adding Keyword Klusters
  • Adding known competitors
  • Following On-Site and Off-Site Content:
    • via Data Beacons
    • via Keyword Top 50
    • Manually

This session is aimed at providing gShift customers and users with enough configuration/data to proceed with Sessions II and III.

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