Course Rationale:

This training course is custom designed to complement the “Creating a Digital Services Program” module.  Once your digital services have been defined, your team needs to learn how to sell the services and / or software you have to offer.

Course Outcomes:

This training is intended for internal sales team training.  The training will consist of:

  1. A full day on-site training workshop.
  2. “Train the Sales Rep” program. This will include sales documents as well as video recorded sales training.  The sales training program will be tailored to cover the software / service offerings your organization has.  Learn how to story tell and discover your unique value proposition for why a client should choose you over your competition.
  3. Sales role playing based on gShift sales playbook.
  4. Up to 2 hours of group consultation support following the workshop to assist with handling objections, clarification on how to sell, as well as technical services questions.

Target Audience:

Sales resources responsible to communicate with prospects including business development resources and sales people.

What you get:

  • On site training – full day working session for software / selling
  • “Train the Sales Rep” program
  • Video series on software sales techniques
  • Software sales “Playbook”
  • 2 hours client group consulting
  • Test administration

Pre-Requisite:  Principals of Digital Marketing & Creating a Digital Services Program

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