Course Rationale:

This introductory digital marketing course is designed to introduce you and your organization to digital marketing terms and basic concepts.  The concepts in this course lay the foundation for all subsequent courses offered within gShift University.

Course Outcomes:

1. Learn the difference between paid, owned, and earned traffic.
2. Understand what a digital ecosystem looks like and how you navigate through it.
3. What considerations you should understand for your digital marketing program.
4. Audience identification and development.
5. Know key concepts of SEO, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Tracking and Engagement.
6. Understand how Google ‘thinks’ and therefore how to shape your thinking and approach to digital services management.
7. Digital lexicon, what are the key terms that you need in everyday digital marketing vocabulary.
8. Learn how to optimize your brand’s SEO authority.

Target Audience:

Any participant of the gShift University is encouraged to go through this introductory course.

What you get:

  • 1 hour pre-recorded webinar
  • Test administration