Course Rationale:

The ability to identify, track and rank meaningful keywords with relatively meaningful search volume is important in the overall execution of a digital marketing program

Course Outcomes:

  1. Learn how to systematically find and review keywords, understand short and long-tail keywords.
  2. How to identify keyword opportunities, as well as understanding and interpreting tracking of keyword ranking positions.
  3. Learn how to apply keyword strategies to sales funnelling and content marketing.
  4. Create dashboards to facilitate basic and advanced keyword research within the gShift platform for discovery, as well as monitoring.

Target Audience:

Team members responsible for core SEO and keyword optimization

Sales Representatives

What you get:

  • Keyword Research Course Manual
  • 1 hour live training via webinar
  • Core concepts of keyword research – seed keywords & expanding
  • Understanding keyword opportunities
  • 1 hour client group consulting post course completion
  • Test administration