Course Rationale:

A new trend in digital marketing is utilizing the power of people’s social following and influence.  This is called “influencer marketing”.  The influencer marketing training module will explore more in-depth awareness of the impact utilizing influencer marketing can have for a brand, different examples of how influencer marketing can be executed, and options / levels of execution that can be involved with an influencer marketing project.

Course Outcomes:

  1. You will be able to find influencers who speak to the keywords/topics you are focused on; learn how to acquire influencers; understand how to structure an omni channel campaign using influencers to drive content and channels; design reporting frameworks to be able to real-time take corrective actions to optimize your campaign real-time
  2. There will be in-depth learning on how to negotiate influencer compensation as well as track influencer performance.
  3. Knowing how to monitor and report on the effectiveness of influencers is the key to measuring success as well as knowing the real value of each influencer.
  4. Additionally, there will be training on how to set up an influencer campaign within the gShift software to leverage insights on performance and campaign effectiveness.

Target Audience:

Content marketers responsible to build and execute influencer lead digital and non-digital campaigns.

What you get:

  • Influencer Marketing Course Manual
  • 1 hour live training via webinar
  • The basics of influencer marketing
  • How to identify influencers
  • How to structure and execute an influencer marketing campaign
  • 1 hour group consulting post course completion
  • Test administration