Course Rationale:

Driving traffic to an end goal through methods including external content, paid marketing, social media and other forms of traffic is important, however, if strategic conversion points are missing, time and money is wasted.  Online prospects need to be firmly guided to take an action, whether it is obvious to them or not.  When well thought out placement and wording is executed and the call-to-action is clear, your ability to convert the visitor greatly increases.

Course Outcomes:

  1. The questions to ask to understand how to construct a call to action that resonates with the prospect
  2. Page design element considerations
  3. Meaningful tracking and reporting considerations. Understand quantitative vs qualitative measurement
  4. The conversion process and how to get prospects to take action
  5. Conversion design considerations
  6. Conversion measurement – qualitative and quantitative

Target Audience:

Digital specialists responsible for conversion optimization, landing page design, and conversion measurement

What you get:

  • Conversion Optimization and Measurement Course Manual
  • 2 hours live training via webinar (2 separate 1 hour sessions)
  • 2 hours client group consulting post course completion
  • Test administration