Course Rationale:

Although it is an essential step to create great content, a content development strategy and a distribution strategy for the content is often missed.  Most organizations create content without long-term intent, post it on their blog, make a few posts on social media referencing the content, then stop there.  This course will help you boost your content ROI!

Course Outcomes:

  1. To get the most value out of your content, it needs to be planned out, used, re-used and re-purposed in as many different places as possible.
  2. This gets both backlinks to internal pages of your site (great for SEO) and it also gets you more potential traffic from sources other than social media or the search engine.
  3. Building social proof / authority.
  4. It is often forgotten that there are “hidden” sources of traffic and this can be a great untapped source of additional interest and revenue for your site.
  5. This module will teach you how to create content on purpose, how to develop a content strategy and how to develop a distribution strategy.

Target Audience:

Content writers and content publishers

What you get:

  • Content Marketing Course Manual
  • 2 hours live training via webinar (2 separate 1 hour sessions)
  • Fundamentals of content marketing
  • How to create a content marketing strategy
  • Execution of a content marketing strategy
  • Creative content marketing
  • 2 hours consulting post course completion
  • Test administration

Pre-Requisite:  Keyword Research Principals and Theory