Course Rationale:

The customer journey in the sales funnel has changed!  80% of the customer’s sales funnel journey occurs off the brand’s website.  Understanding how and where users are consuming content both within your website and more importantly outside of your website can provide invaluable data and insights into actions to take within your digital marketing program.  There are various ways and levels of information you can obtain for these insights, but more importantly knowing what to do and what actions to take with this data is what will put you above the rest.

Course Outcomes:

Within this module, you will learn about how to harness this sophisticated data and experience market intelligence you didn’t think was possible.  The primary objectives of this module are:

  1. Learning how to develop and set-up a campaign using content tracking software.
  2. How to use taxonomies and what they mean.
  3. How to interpret and take action on data obtained.
  4. How to set up end client dashboards and reporting.
  5. How to use engagement data to build connected content into conversion paths.
  6. How to use real time engagement data to make changes to a freshly launched campaign in real time, not after the ‘show is over’.

Target Audience:

Digital marketers, content experts, and data analysts.

What you get:

  • Content Engagement Course Manual
  • 1 hour live training via webinar
  • How to develop and set up a campaign
  • How to use taxonomies and what they mean
  • How to interpret and report on data obtained from off-site tracking
  • 1 hour consulting post course completion
  • Test administration