Course Rationale:

Having a clear picture of your digital competitive landscape, enables you to identify and react to any digital presence threats, weaknesses or opportunities, while continually maximizing your strengths.  Great search strategy is not about being excellent (and overspending), but to always be relevant and better than your competition!  This course teaches this principle.

Course Outcomes:

You will learn how to assess the competition through understanding:

  1. Understanding the difference between your analog (bricks & mortar) competitors versus your online competitors.
  2. Understanding your competitor’s strategy – what keywords do they appear to be optimizing for, what do they rank for, where are they weak/strong relative to the keywords we are interested in.
  3. SEO competitive analysis: learn how to analyze and review backlinks, on-site optimization, authority and citations.
  4. Social competitive analysis: how does the client compare with competitors and how do you identify weakness and opportunities.
  5. Content competitive analysis: is the competition focusing on delivering content for keyword opportunities that present rank growth and how does this compare to your content.

Target Audience:

SEO specialists with an emphasis on keywords and competitive analysis

What you get:

  • Competitive Analysis Course Manual
  • 2 hours live training via webinar (2 separate 1 hour sessions)
  • How to reverse-engineer the competition
    • SEO competitive analysis
    • Content competitive analysis
    • Social competitive analysis
  • 2 hours consulting
  • Test administration

Pre-Requisite:  Keyword Research Principals and Theory