Course Rationale:

Learning how to draw actionable insights from an overabundance of data is ultimately the challenge to all digital specialists.  The ability to work backwards from what insights are needed, to drive what data will generate those insights is the purpose of this course.

Course Outcomes:

Meaningful dashboards and reporting are critical to demonstrating value to the client.  You will learn how to do the following:

  1. Ask the right questions that will help construct and present the best data for the target audience.
  2. How the client measures success.
  3. How to set up custom dashboards and reports.
  4. Understanding and interpreting real-time data along with a template of “Best Practices” responses to questions that could be asked regarding the data a client will see within the report.
  5. How to interpret report results and develop meaningful actions.
  6. How to set up custom reports.
  7. Understanding and interpreting data.
  8. Best practices responses to questions within standard reports.

Target Audience:

Digital specialist responsible to manage and communicate digital performance results to clients.

What you get:

  • 1 hour live training via webinar
  • Tailoring reporting to show meaningful data to the end user
  • 2 hours group client consulting post course completion
  • Test administration