Course Rationale:

Full campaigns that encompass all aspects of digital marketing are critical to developing and growing a strong presence generating brand awareness and marketing qualified leads.  Campaigns can include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid search marketing and more.  This module will examine how to tie all of the different aspects of digital marketing together and make a robust and cohesive digital presence.

Course Outcome:

  1. Beyond developing a campaign, it is also important to know how to manage and measure the various components of each campaign. You will learn how to tie everything together and run, manage and report on a campaign from start to finish.
  2. Building omni channel campaign strategy, deciding what channels (on-site, off-site, blogs, social, influencer, sponsored content, paid adwords), what content, what influencers, what keywords, what conversion measurement.
  3. How to approach building about a campaign, what is the typical structure, where do I start, what are the typical 10 questions that I should answer in building an effective campaign.
  4. Building the social / off-site audience you will be distributing content to.

Target Audience:

Marketers responsible to develop and manage digital campaigns.

What you get:

  • Campaign Planning Course Manual
  • 2 hours live training via webinar (2 separate 1 hour sessions)
  • 2 hours client group consulting post course completion
  • Test administration

Pre-Requisite:  Content Engagement